The LIGHTNIN Applications Support Group is ready to help you develop a challenging new application, improve your productivity or plan a complex scale-up process. We bring to your application an unrivaled combination of knowledge, technology, and service. No matter how challenging your application, chances are we've seen it, worked with it and know how to make it work for you.

Sweco is the world leader in particle separation and size reduction solutions. They are #1 in the industry when it comes to manufacturing processing and finishing equipment that lasts. That's why so many companies use their Sweco Separators and Mills for more than 30 years on average . . . some even longer. There are times, however, that a customers' process changes and they no longer need their Sweco equipment. From this, Sweco is able to acquire a stock of previously owned equipment, refurbish it and offer it to our customers.

Key Products

Manufacturing equipment for the water industry is where Smith & Loveless started in 1946 and where we’ve built our reputation. We take pride in what we do – building quality, long lasting water systems.

Key Products

Hankison® brand provides compressed air dryers and filters that remove oil, water, dirt, rust, and pipe scale.  Improve your efficiency and reduce maintenance through properly treated compressed air. 

Industrial pressure washers, steam cleaners, steam generators, water heaters, chillers, solution heaters and other custom equipment manufactured by Sioux.




Thermo Scientific offers customers a complete range of high-end analytical instruments as well as laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents to enable integrated laboratory workflow solutions. Fisher Scientific provides a complete portfolio of laboratory equipment, chemicals, supplies and services used in healthcare, scientific research, safety and education.

VSEP delivers results that conventional separations technology systems can't. Using Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing (VSEP), this patented, fouling-resistant membrane filtration system makes conventional treatment systems obsolete — delivering sustained, precise separation in a single pass.

SIHI Pumps is one of the world leaders in liquid ring vacuum pump, and liquid ring compressor technology. SIHI liquid ring vacuum pump & compressor technology provides reliable, trouble free operation for many industries & applications.



We’ve Taken Our World-Class Grit Removal Technologies & Created A Pre-Assembled Complete Screening & Grit Removal Package All in One


Constructed of Pre-Fabricated Structural Stainless Steel

–Including Support Legs

–Except Corrosion Resistant Access Platforms